Diagram working

  • The petitiones makes a request through a web form, which recorded contact details and a brief description of the request.
  • After web check the technical realized a short memory of the proposal. If necessary, contact the petitioner for further information. This proposal is sent to the Director of the service.
  • The Director or Director / s technician / s appointed by him, assess the proposal.
If it considers it inappropriate to meet the request, communicate to the technician who comes in contact with the applicant to inform you that your application will not be served.
In another case, the proposal is sent all members of the department. Interested parties will present their proposal to the director or coaches. If only one researcher or a group interested in doing the work, technicians call a meeting with the applicant to discuss the proposal further. The technician will prepare a report for the agreement. If there is more than a researcher or an interested group, the Scientific Commission of the service will meet and try to make sure a single proposal.